Environmental Policy

Improve environmental awareness, create a green environment, promote energy saving and consumption reduction, and achieve continuous improvement

Improve environmental protection awareness: Establish environmental protection awareness for all employees, all employees participate in environmental protection, and strictly abide by laws and regulations related to the environment, and at the same time pass the environmental protection concept to the relevant parties in the company's business activities.

Create a green environment: Protecting the environment is the responsibility and obligation of every citizen. The company strives to create a clean, comfortable and healthy working environment for employees, control noise and waste emissions, and prevent pollution. At the same time, employees are also required to actively maintain the office environment and public environment.

Promote energy saving and consumption reduction: The company uses water, electricity and other energy and resources reasonably and effectively to reduce waste, and is oriented to reduce consumption and protect the environment, and promote the improvement of corporate efficiency.

To achieve continuous improvement: improve the environmental management system and system so that the overall environment and management system can be continuously improved.