Benefiting by substantial know-hows and project management experience accumulated in last 20 years, BJSI could provide clients the customized integrated circuits design and manufacturing services.

BJSI has established the long-term and stable partnership with top domestic and overseas foundries, such as SMICHHGrace and X-FAB, and has rich experience in design tape-out and outsourcing manufacturing operation. Once BJSI customer account team clarifies the actual needs of the end customers and the characteristics of the products, we select the appropriate foundry and processing technology to materialize customer's expectation. In the meanwhile, our engineering team gives our clients the aid ofcustomized professional tape-out and manufacturing solutions.

With believe in win-win cooperation, BJSI is devoted to establishing supportive relations with domestic and overseas integrated circuit design companies and IP vendors, continually providingour clients with high quality integrated circuit products, innovative design and effective support services.

BJSI is able to provide wide range of value-adding services to customers, including the specific consulting service and efficient logistics service, etc..